The British Dupuytren’s Society….

provides support and information to people affected by Dupuytren’s disease, Ledderhose disease, Peyronie’s disease and related conditions. Our goal is to raise awareness, improve knowledge of the treatments available and encourage research into their prevention and treatment.

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  1. We are hoping to do a ‘Thunderclap‘ to raise awareness for Peyronie’s- please support this, the only thing that will happen is that a message goes out automatically on your Facebook or Twitter feed if we get enough people signing up.
  2. The survey started in 2014 will run for a bit longer, if you have not participated yet feel free to do so!
  3. A new page added as addition to our history page. This one on hand miracle healings.
  4. In April 2016 we were joined by Stephen Jeffrey LCSP from Ealing massage Therapy as advisor on massage therapy for Dupuytren’s.
  5. Read our statement on Rare Disease Day 29.02.16
  6. Say Communications organise fundraising event for the BDS 22.01.16
  7. Recent News 03.12.15
  8. Nice misses chance to improve quality of life for people with painful hand condition in England 26.10.15
  9. Membership can be applied for here

About Us

The British Dupuytren’s Society is a UK charity founded in 2011 as a patients’ organisation, supported by medical professionals, and working alongside the International Dupuytren Society (IDS).

The Board of Trustees consists entirely of volunteers: a Dupuytren’s patient as chair, and a Ledderhose and a Peyronie’s patient as trustees. We also have a trustee hand surgeon and a radiation oncologist. We have an advisory board with a few more handsurgeons, and a massage therapist who is very experienced treating Dupuytren’s patients.

The British Dupuytren’s Society was founded in August 2011. Our first step was to create our Constitution and Board of Trustees. We are now registered with HMRC for tax-exempt status as a charity, but since our financial turnover does not meet the minimum requirement we cannot yet apply to become a registered charity. Read more…………


The Curse of the MacCrimmon

A history of Dupuytren’s Contracture. There are many stories as to how the curse arose. Some say that the….

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