Trials ongoing and planned as can be found listed online.


In Oxford, UK the RIDD trial has started in 2017 and is now recruiting! where patients with Dupuytren’s nodules who have not had any other treatment yet will be injected with a drug commonly used for Rheumatoid Arthritis or a placebo, to see if it stops the progression. More information on the trial can be found on our Research page.

The DISC trial, Dupuytren’s Interventions: Surgery versus Collagenase, a multicentre randomised trial comparing Limited fasciectomy to collagenase, results and costs. It has now started in Derby and will run  over several England based centres, Leicester and York among other places. For more information look here.

A trial in York, UK to compare surgery with collagenase injections.

In France a study on Percutaneous Aponeurotomy (=PNF, NA) and in particular the recurrence within two years.


In Liverpool, UK a study on the Benefit Of Night splinting in Dupuytren’s (BOND), expected to run for a few year, to determine the result of splinting versus non splinting at night after Collagenase injections.

In Oslo a comparison between PNF and Collagenase, and 5-year follow up. They are no longer recruiting (Norway).

In Calgary, Canada a study comparing PNF with Collagenase injections, and especially the rate of recurrence up to 5 years.

Two trials in California, USA to determine what level pain relief is needed after hand surgery- Ibuprofen plus paracetamol versus oxycodone and Paracetamol plus codeine versus paracetamol and ibuprofen.

A planned trial in Ontario, Canada to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of collagenase compared to PNF (EXTEND).

In Finland a trial is starting to compare Xiapex and LF afterwards if not effective, PNF and LF afterwards if not effective, and LF directly. Short and long term follow up is planned, for mild and moderate Dupuytren’s Contracture.

A trial to monitor the results of radiation therapy for early Dupuytren’s is planned in Australia, with a possible UK involvement as well.


In the Netherlands a double blind trial comparing the effects of radiation therapy for Ledderhose Disease has started in 2018. The centra involved are in Groningen, Arnhem, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Delft. Patients have to be Dutch speaking and not had any treatment to that foot yet.

The trial information for patients can be found here: LedRad – Studie-pdf (leaflet in Dutch)


The University of York, UK: a study into the effect of non-surgical therapies for Peyronie’s. This is a literature study only.

A clinical trial in Houston, Texas, USA to study the efficacy of Botulinum Toxin Type A in treating Peyronie’s Disease. This trial

A clinical trial in Egypt studying the role of adipose tissue stem cell injection through corpora cavernosa and intra dorsal penile artery in management of erectile dysfunction associated with Peyronie’s disease.

In Assiut, Egypt a trial is due to start November 2017 comparing the outcome of different types of surgery for Peyronie’s.