Disease names

DD Dupuytren’s Disease. Any stage of the disease in the hand, from early nodules onward.

DC Dupuytren’s Contracture. What we call it once the finger starts to pull toward the palm of the hand, a sign of contracture.

LD Ledderhose Disease. The disease in the foot, mainly causing nodules under the arch of the foot.

PD Peyronie’s Disease. The disease in the penis, causing a hard plaque that gives a curvature at erection.

FS Frozen Shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, a painful stiffening of the shoulderjoint that starts usually without any trauma in the history.

SF Superficial Fibromatoses. A range of diseases that cause the body to create nodules in certain (superficial) places. (Dupuytren’s, Ledderhose and Peyronie are all superficial fibromatoses)



LF Limited Fasciectomy (surgery for Dupuytren’s). Removal of the affected part of the fascia. Mainly used for the disease in the hand.

DF Dermofasciectomy. As limited fasciectomy but includes removal of part of the skin over the contracture and replacing it with a skingraft taken from another part of the body.

PNF Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy . The British term for puncturing a contracting cord with a needle, under local anaesthesia, until the cord is weak enough to be broken and the finger is straightened.

NA Needle Aponeurotomy The American term for puncturing a contracting cord with a needle, under local anaesthesia, until the cord is weak enough to be broken and the finger is straightened.

X , CCH Xiapex = Xiaflex = CCH (Collagenase clostridium histolyticum). An enzyme administered by injection into the cord. The drug dissolves the collagen the cord is made of, allowing the surgeon to snap the cord and straighten the finger after 24 hours or more (up to 7 days)

RT Radiation Treatment. Used for early stage Dupuytren (nodules) or for Ledderhose.

CO or RO Clinical Oncologist (in the UK these are the doctors that give radiation, chemotherapy or both) or Radiation Oncologist (this is mainly the term in the US for doctors who treat patients with radiation).

ICB Integrated Care Boards. They replaced CCGs in 2023 (Clinical Commissioning Group.) The regional NHS organisation who sets guidelines for what can be funded in that area and under which circumstances.

NICE National Institute for Clinical Excellence. The organistaion in England that decides what treatment can be used on the NHS. Their decision is advisory, not binding, so ICB’s don’t have to fund the treatment.

HT Hand Therapy. Physical therapy specifically for hand conditions.

OT Occupational Therapy, aimed to help function in every day life and work.

PT Physical Therapy. Mainly prescribed as treatment after surgery to straighten the fingers



MCP MetaCarpal Phalangeal joint (connects the finger to the hand) (also called MP)

PIP Proximal Inter-Phalangeal joint (joint in the finger or toe that is closest to the hand or foot)

DIP Distal Inter-Phalangeal joint (joint in the finger or toe closest to the tip)

IP Interphalangeal joint- for the thumb and big toe, as they only have one joint in the digit

MTP MetaTarsal Phalangeal joint (connects the toe to the foot)

Showing the anatomical abbreviations of the joints seen from the back of the hand