We have produced and cooperated in the making of quite a few informative videos. Here are links to them.


2012- Gary Manley produced our first video, an introduction to our Society.

2015- Gary Manley spoke at the Dupuytren Conference in Groningen

In 2018 we started doing webinars and set up our own YouTube Channel.

The webinars and videos produced for that are:

1/ Webinar discussing Dupuytren’s Disease

2/ Webinar discussing Needle Aponeurotomy (= PNF)

3/ A Cure for Dupuytren’s – when and how? (research)

4/ Ledderhose Disease

5/ Radiotherapy for Dupuytren and Ledderhose (lecture and Q&A)

6/ Peyronie’s Disease surgical options.

Four shorter videos to help coming to terms with a Dupuytren’s Diagnosis, are our Resilience Modules:

1/ Why me?

2/ What can I do?

3/ How bad will it get?

4/ Who can I trust?

The Dupuytren Research Group have published this video of Dr Charles Eaton answering seven questions we send him.

We also have a series of short videos with Dr Richard Shaffer answering commonly asked questions on radiotherapy. These videos are only a few minutes long each, and cover the questions patients ask most about radiotherapy treatment, such as side effects, how effective is it, when is a good time to have it done. They can all be accessed on our YouTube page  or on Dr Shaffers practice page.