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  • Because of the present pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, the Conference in Oxford has been postponed to September 2021.
  • January 2020: Our Ledderhose Webinar has taken place and was a success. Please watch the webinar which explains about the different treatment options. Speakers were:

    Gary Manley – introduction, personal story, patients view, Ledderhose Blog

    Markus Maiden-Tilsen – GP perspective, ultrasound diagnosis and steroid injection?

    George Flanaghan – NHS and private options in the UK?

    Richard Shaffer-Radiotherapy when and what age/patient? Side effects, results?

    Eddie Davis– treatment options in the US including Verapamil and Hyaluronidase.

  • December 2019 The government has put Dupuytren’s on the list of industrial diseases, and a claim form can be found here, along with a guidance note. You can only claim in certain circumstances which are explained on the guidance form.
  • Our third webinar was titled “A cure for Dupuytren’s, how and when?” and we had as speakers Prof MacGrouther, Prof Furniss, Prof Nanchahal and Drs Laird and Beamish. It was a very informative webinar that gave an insight into research past and present, the difficulties with research, and how the search for a cure is moving forward. All webinars can be seen on our YouTube channel.
  • We have held a second webinar. This one was be on PNF, speakers are Prof Tim Davis, Prof Steven Hovius (who did the lipofilling trial), Dr Gary Pess (who performs more PNF than anyone else in the US probably), Prof Chris Bainbridge (from the Pulvertaft Centre in Derby), and patients Ian Ireland (personal experience) and Anna Schurer (PNF and the NHS).
  •  Oxfords own professor Jagdeep Nanchahal has won the 2019 Dupuytren’s Award, for his work on adalimumab in Dupuytren’s (the RIDD trial) This award was sponsored by patients from the BDS and the (now defunct) American DDSG Facebook group, as well as the IDS (International Dupuytren Society). A worldwide acknowledgement for the study. Many congratulations to Prof Nanchahal and his team.
  • We have participated in a webinar organised by Prof Tim Davis, aimed at Dupuytren patients and informing them of different treatment options and some of the research being done in Britain. The webinar is now online (November 2018) and can be viewed here.
  • The BSSH have put last years hand surgeons University Challenge on YouTube.
  • Verapamil gel can now (August 2018) be obtained in the UK. Our blogpost explains how.
  • After registering with the Charity Commission and needing a new bank account, we have now (June 2018) been told we are a new organisation in the eyes of the HMRC and have to re-register with them. So organising other activities has yet again taken a back seat!
  • After getting a charity number, we found out we would have to apply for a new bank account. So that was the next problem to sort out! Took a few months and a lot of paperwork, but in March 2018 the new account was opened.