A poem by a member of our charity made me decide to start a page on Dupuytren’s (and related conditions) disease in the arts. More will be added in time, this is just a start. Anyone who feels they have a contribution, just contact me.

This is the poem I was send (with thanks to Jim Young)

The contracture of time

And my hands, a gnarled oak,

grimaced in Dupuytren’s contracture,

telling of the slowness of demise,

the tightening of the loosening 

of life’s grip on the tide’s race.

It is a comfort to see its slowness. 

At least I am alive;

more than can be said of Dupuytren, 

and I can pick my nose more easily.

Other examples of Dupuytren’s art:


A poem by Viwe Lugongolo


Donald Sammut is a hand surgeon who makes his own illustrations for teaching and books.

James Kelso is an artist who painted a Dupuytren’s hand.

Jesper Nordenskjöld has painted a Dupuytren’s hand

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