To all members…

Last week (Nov 2020) I had my third surgical intervention on my right hand.
I first had an operation in 2004 on my second finger and I was operated on again in 2008 on my little fingers
Then relative peace before it came back again on my little finger in 2017 since when I tried needle fasciotomy and Xiaflex injections , which may have slowed down the growth but did not stop it .

You can see the extent of the contracture on the first photo. My finger was about 100 degrees bent.
With some trepidation therefore , I had another surgical intervention last week. My surgeon was Rupert Eckersley who has looked after me for a number of years [I have also had surgery on my left hand].

I am pleased that although it was only a week ago, the result so far is most encouraging and you can see from the latest photo that I can extend my fingers straight. Extensive physiotherapy and hand exercises are about to begin…

Happy to recommend Rupert Eckersley to anyone…


photo of bend pinky and cord in the palm
before surgery
hand with a bend pinky
just before surgery
photo of hand with fingers end and lower arm with arrow pointing to hand, marked for surgeryws
getting ready for surgery
a hand bandaged up
after surgery