Laura’s Ledderhose Treatment story


I had been unable to walk for exercise for 1 year. Pain with walking for the last 9 months. I have had 2 referrals to local podiatrists (April and November, 2019). Both gave Cortisone injections to the nodule on my left foot. Cortisone does not dissolve fibromas. The enzyme Vitrase has successfully dissolved my plantar fibromas. Surgery has a high recurrence rate and can be disabling.

I am writing to share with you details of my treatment for plantar fibromatosis/Ledderhose Disease.

My foot pain began in November 2018 with plantar fasciitis.

In April 2019, I had the first podiatry appointment in my life and received a cortisone shot into my first ever diagnosed fibroma on my left foot.

In August 2019, I tried acupuncture to help with the fibroma pain and growth to no avail.

In November 2019, I decided I would go to a university podiatry clinic because I thought that the connection to a university would mean the latest “state of the art” treatment for plantar fibromatosis. I was very hopeful that I would be getting a treatment that would get rid of my fibroma. I was given a cortisone shot with no pain relief, aside from the ineffective topical spray. The podiatrist (my 2nd) told me I had developed another fibroma on my right foot. I was thankful that he took an X- ray of my feet and an ultrasound of my left foot. Since this was my 2nd cortisone shot, I began to ask if cortisone can indeed dissolve a fibroma. It didn’t appear to be doing that at all, so when I returned and he was going to give me a 3rd cortisone injection, I declined. This podiatrist was open, however, to allow for a prescription for a topical called Verapamil which I had compounded at a local pharmacy.

At this point, I continued my research into plantar fibromatosis and landed on a Facebook group dedicated to those suffering with this rare/genetic disease. I learned of an injection that has proven to actually dissolve fibromas.

Dr. Ed Davis, DPM, FACFAS of South Texas Podiatry

had stopped doing fasciectomies more than twenty years ago when he learned that hyaluronidase decreased fibromas. He has since treated hundreds of people with plantar fibromatosis and trained more than thirty podiatrists to use his safe and effective protocol. My 2nd podiatrist drew an image of my foot to show how surgery would be another next step. I am fully convinced that surgery causes more fibromas to grow.

Fibromas are the body’s way of repairing trauma. Surgery is extreme trauma and many of the people on the plantar fibromatosis group have shared disastrous results from surgical removal of fibromas. I am glad I did not go that route. I was fortunate to get a referral to Dr. Davis and flew to Texas on January 31, 2020. With ultrasound, we could see that the fibromas were not only three nodules (one in left and two in right) but that they ran also along my fascia. He used a nerve block (right foot only) and gave me three ultrasound guided injections of Vitrase into my fibromas. Upon my second visit, the nerve block was no longer necessary and I received only two injections. Here are my results:

1/31/20-1st set of Vitrase injections. 2/28/20-results below and 2nd set given. Further enzyme injections deemed not necessary, unless I experience hardening/regrowth.

Left foot: fibroma#1= .40 to .14 (also softer)

Right foot: fibroma#2= .35 to .10

fibroma#3= .06 to .08 (still soft/no re-growth as of 5/15/20)

As of today, the fibromas are soft and only slightly detectable on my right foot. I am using the Verapamil gel three times each day to maintain/monitor the fibromas. The gel may be more effective for me since my fibromas are not round but oblong and closer to the surface. I have no pain from them. I cannot account for the slight growth on fibroma #3 but know that injecting into a round fibroma is much easier than mine that run horizontally along the fascia. Dr. Davis mentioned the difficulty in preventing leakage when injecting an elongated fibroma. I also take the recommended supplements to decrease fibrotic formation in my blood. I am convinced that Dr. Davis is the leading expert in plantar fibromatosis in America today. I am very grateful to have benefited from his treatment.

Now that the plantar fibromatosis has been resolved, I am working on my ongoing plantar fasciitis. I am doing fascia release to improve pelvic instability. I have been compensating for the foot pain and caused some muscle inhibitions to develop over the last year and a half. I am happy to report that I am now able to walk without pain. I hope that my experience can help others suffering from Ledderhose.