I developed Dupuytren’s in my right hand about 15 years ago. It affected my little finger and the adjacent finger. Both fingers were about 20 degrees bent.

I went straight to the hand clinic in Windsor and booked an appointment followed by an open palm operation with Mr Chris Khoo. The outcome of that operation was successful as the contracture has not reappeared. I would nevertheless concede that for three weeks after the operation I was in considerable pain and the fact that the hand was left partially open with a hole in it needing swabbing and cleaning every other day at the clinic was very uncomfortable to say the least. Also having the operation under a local anaesthetic I would not recommend as it takes a long time so next time I will have a general probably.

Now, so many years later, aged 63, the dreaded disease has suddenly appeared in my left (untreated) hand this time affecting the thumb. I am booked in to the Mcindoe centre in East Grinstead this time as Mr Khoo has now retired. I have read with interest the experiences of patients adopting the injection procedure but from what I see very few patients are having a positive outcome.

Philip R