When the bottom of your feet hurts: have a small can or bottle of pop or water in the fridge or freezer, (tip: wear a sock to prevent freezer burn) roll your foot up and down over the can to cool the fascia and relieve the pain

Shoes (no heels!) with padded insoles, available from many different manufacturers, either insoles already fitted in or buy them separately.

Insoles with a cut-out area to support the tissue around the lump and take the pressure off the lump can be really helpful.

Heated insoles can help for those whose feet have become cold sensitive

Socks and splints to wear at night stretching the plantar fascia (usually found under ‘Ledderhose’ or under ‘plantar fasciitis’ when searching internet shopping sites, in the health and personal care section)

Especially for after surgery or when the foot really needs to rest and you can’t stand still, consider the ‘iWalk handsfree crutch

Or look into using a ‘knee scooter‘, which is less cumbersome than a wheelchair but still allows resting the foot and getting about. They come in several different designs,and can help greatly with everyday tasks

Most products are available through internet shopping sites, by typing the descriptive name used in the text. Where they are not we have tried to place a link to the manufacturers site by the picture.

Maybe in the future, through 3-D printing, aids can be made especially designed for the patients hand or foot and what they need them for?