During the Covid-19 pandemic

Chances are big that patients will be having problems seeing a doctor. Appointments are postponed or cancelled, especially face-to-face events; consultations and surgeries in many cases are not happening. Don’t take it personal!

It is not because your doctor does not want to see you. He or she would love to be doing the job they have chosen, looking after your body and especially the parts they specialise in, helping you get back to as normal and pain-free use as possible. But in many cases it is simply not possible at the moment, through nobody’s fault.

Some of the common reasons for this:

– Staff or team members are not available, either due to illness or to being seconded to looking after Covid patients, as the high number of critically ill patients means doctors and nurses are needed to attend patients on medical and ICU wards where they would not normally work

– Theatre and office spaces are being repurposed to be used for Covid-wards

– All available PPE is needed on wards where known or suspected Covid patients are being treated, and using it elsewhere may mean leaving staff in emergency or Covid departments at higher risk

– Worries that the necessary port-surgical care can not be given

If you are lucky enough to be offered a procedure, it is likely that only local anaesthetic, anaesthetic blocks or WALANT can be used. This is due to the fact that a general anaesthetic requires an anaesthetist, intubation, oxygen and a theatre, and that means higher Covid risk for the staff (patients can’t wear a mask when they are being intubated) and the staff, oxygen, theatre and equipment can’t be used for Covid patients who may need it for their survival.

If you opt for a procedure without general anaesthetic you are likely to need to isolate for two weeks before and have a negative Covid test a few days before the procedure.

Some doctors offer video consultations to assess patients condition and the need for intervention in a safe way. This is obviously not ideal as the doctor can’t feel any nodules or cords, but it is far better than not being seen at all, and many of our doctors are well versed in their speciality and able to make an accurate assessment of what is going on this way.

Some doctors who offer video consults:


hand surgeon

Manchester – Mr M Hayton https://www.mikehayton.com/hand/dupuytrens-disease

London- Mr Giles Bantick http://www.handsurgeonlondon.co.uk/dupuytrens-contracture/

Derby – The Pulvertaft Hand Yeam https://pulvertafthandcentre.org.uk/

Bradford, Leeds – Mr Russ Jeffers http://www.hands2elbowsurgeon.co.uk/

Newcastle, Northumbria – Mr Dave Cloke https://www.davecloke.com/

Midlands – Mr Shyamalan https://www.handsurgeryconsultant.co.uk/contact

podiatry/ foot surgeon

andrology (Peyronie’s)

London – Prof. D Ralph https://www.thelondonclinic.co.uk/consultants/professor-david-ralph

clinical oncology (radiation)

England- Dr R Shaffer https://www.thedupuytrenspractice.com/about-us/dr-shaffer-our-team/

World wide

hand surgeon

USA – Dr Pess https://www.centraljerseyhand.com/provider/gary-m-pess-md

USA – Dr Denkler https://aestheticsurgery.com/doctors/

USA – Dr Atik https://www.centraljerseyhand.com/provider/teddy-l-atik-md

USA – Dr Jeffrey Wint https://www.handctr.com/jeffrey-c-wint-md-39.html

Spain – Dr Fahandezh https://madridtrauma.com/

podiatry/ foot surgeon


clinical/ radiation oncology

Germany – Prof Seegenschmiedt https://strahlentherapieosnabrueck.de/