Dave’s story

June 2014. I don’t know how my story will evolve but I guess this how most feel at the start and so I hope this log will turn out to be a reassurance for others at the start of the journey.

We have family history of Dupuytren’s – my mum developed it in her 60’s (about 20 years ago) in both hands. My parents were able to pay for private surgery, but after a few years the contracture returned and she has learned to live with it, as I guess everyone does.

My brother was quite badly ‘hooked’ in his little finger at age 52, so had surgery. This was neatly done and his contracture has about halved and he is due to go back for a second op. I will find details of who did it, and exactly what op he had and post more details. I’ll try also to do the same about my mum’s experience, as whilst it was quite painless it was also an expensive waste of time!

I have cording on my left hand and hard lumps on my right, but no contracture yet (at age 54). But given out family history, reckon the writing is on the wall! I have read that radiotherapy (RT) may help delay the hook, but also that it costs about 2k per hand and that AXA PPP (my health insurance provider) won’t cover RT. Typical! I don’t really want to wait for contracture and then have surgery, but at the moment this looks like my fate.

I have my first doctors appointment in a few days as I’m quite early stage and don’t like putting things off. So will send periodic updates as my story evolves.