After PNF:

1/ Remove any dressing the same evening or the next morning. Remove immediately if it feels too tight.

2/ If there is a small hole just cover it with a light bandage or plaster, use some antiseptic cream and clean it daily until it has closed

3/ If you were given a splint, use it at night only.

4/ Start exercising your fingers the same day! Make a tight fist and fully open your hand, spread your fingers apart and straighten them together. Put your hand down flat on a table and push down with your other hand. For the PIP joint (middle joint in the finger) put your index finger on top of the joint and your thumb underneath, to stretch the joint till it’s as straight as possible.

5/ Massage any nodules and the spots where the needles went in with moisturising cream or Vitamin E oil 2-3 times daily for a few minutes each time.

6/ Avoid heavy grasping and grasping activities for two weeks (using tools, tennis, lifting)

7/ If you were referred for Hand Therapy start as soon as possible.

8/ If you suspect an allergic reaction or infection contact your nearest A&E department, and inform the hand clinic afterwards.

With thanks to Dr Gary Pess MD for allowing us to use his aftercare leaflets.

In may 2019 we organised a webinar on PNF with international experts speaking on the subject. You can watch the webinar on YouTube.