We now have a webshop, to raise awareness and money for research!

Logo of British Dupuytren's Society- the text and a hand in light blue with bend ring finger
Logo of British Dupuytren’s Society with link to the webshop embedded

For now we have two picture designs and a choice of shirts and bags. More can be added at a later date, if we get other designs.

Profits are set to go directly to the Dupuytren Research Group, to hep with their quest to find a biomarker.

Our shop can be found here: https://dupuytren-shop.teemill.com/

And a few examples of what we have in the shop:

The idea is that we raise awareness, and maybe even a but of money for research. Clothes can be added or removed from the shop, we can add different designs, and maybe different colours fabric.

Delivery is to most countries worldwide, so anyone can order.