Verapamil gel has been used for a long time in the USA for Ledderhose  (and in some cases for Dupuytren nodules as well).

It is a gel made in special pharmacies and in the USA by one in particular who has done a bit of research into the effect of the drug. Verapamil is used normally for heart conditions (angina, irregular heart beat) and high bloodpressure, and as injection sometimes into Peyronie’s plaques.

So a compounding pharmacy has to take verapamil capsules and crush the drug, then mix it in the right formulation gel or cream in the correct amount, so it it the concentration that is commonly used (15%) and it will be stable for months, and penetrate the skin when aplied to reach the nodules or lumps.

It needs to be applied to the skin over the nodule 2-3 times a day, and kept on wth a sock. It can take 3-6 months to see effect, but many patients who use it longterm say the lump stops growing or shrinks even, and stops bothering them. As will anything Dupuytren related, it doesn’t work for everyone.

There is one compounding pharmacy in the UK who have advised us they can formulate the gel. Patients would need a private prescription form a doctor, and the prescription has to state the drug is to be ‘compounded’.