• The DISC trial  is a clinical trial that compares results of surgery versus collagenase. Patients are randomly assigned to one of the two treatment groups. Recruitment has now closed.
  • Prof D Ralph made a video for us explaining the different types of surgery for Peyronie’s Disease and when each one is suitable.
  • We have more to show you!

    These are video’s to help you cope with a Dupuytren’s diagnosis, finding your way through the (mis-)information out there, and moving forward.

    Four modules for the Resilience Training:

    Why me https://youtu.be/QRGl0ZtF9J4

    What can I do https://youtu.be/nK5o4Ti6SOI

    How bad will it get https://youtu.be/68bMI1c-_Ks

    Who can I trust https://youtu.be/GQWv1qa0-bY

    Special thanks to Eleanor Shakiba who’s idea this was, and who spend long ours working on these videos. Thanks to Ian Ireland for editing and re-editing! And Thank you to everyone who assisted by being interviewed and giving their time and sharing their experiences.

  • We have produced a video on radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s and Ledderhose, with special thanks to Dr Richard Shaffer for giving his time and expertise for this. It can be viewed on our YouTube channel.
  • The yearly Dupuytren Award has been given, this time two papers qualified, one in the basic research section and one in the clinical research section. We send warm congratulations to David Izadi and Thomas Layton, and to Anna Zachrisson, Allan Ibsen Sörensen and  Joakim Strömberg, and please keep up the good work! https://www.dupuytren-online.info/dupuytren_award.html

  • Because of the present situation with the Covid-19 virus, the conference in Oxford that was due to take place September 2020 has been postponed for a year and is now scheduled for September 2021.
  • Our webinar on Ledderhose has taken place in January. It can be viewed on YouTube.  Speakers were:
    Gary Manley – introduction, personal story, patients view, Ledderhose Blog
    Markus Maiden-Tilsen – GP perspective, ultrasound diagnosis and steroid injection
    George Flanaghan – NHS and private options in the UK
    Richard Shaffer-Radiotherapy when and what age/patient? Side effects, results?
    Eddie Davis– treatment options in the US including Verapamil and Hyaluronidase

  • Our website has had some problems, but after a week it is up and running again and the email addresses attached are functional again.

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