• Because of the present situation with the Covid-19 virus, the conference in Oxford that was due to take place September 2020 has been postponed for a year and is now scheduled for September 2021.
  • Our webinar on Ledderhose has taken place in January. It can be viewed on YouTube.  Speakers were:
    Gary Manley – introduction, personal story, patients view, Ledderhose Blog
    Markus Maiden-Tilsen – GP perspective, ultrasound diagnosis and steroid injection
    George Flanaghan – NHS and private options in the UK
    Richard Shaffer-Radiotherapy when and what age/patient? Side effects, results?
    Eddie Davis– treatment options in the US including Verapamil and Hyaluronidase

  • Our website has had some problems, but after a week it is up and running again and the email addresses attached are functional again.

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