• As from 9thNovember 2022 our trustee Dr J Glees decided to step down. We thank him for everything he has done for our charity and for Dupuytren and Ledderhose patients and hope he will be able to continue the good work of helping patients for a long time yet.
  • A lovely story in the Sunday Post about a man finding his Irish family and connecting over Dupuytren’s Disease
  • We have a new website, after reports of some patients getting hyaluronidase injections into their Ledderhose nodules in England, we decided to add a page about this.
  • Verapamil gel can now be ordered by a London pharmacy in the UK! We explain more on our webpage about Verapamil. https://dupuytrens-society.org.uk/verapamil-gel-for-ledderhose-disease/
  • Our webshop has been set up! the aim is to raise awareness, and maybe some money for research.
  • Prof Yoshi Itoh receives the Dupuytren Award 2022 from Prof Dominic Furniss.
  • ANTIFREAZE-F, a trial into the effect of adalimumab injections for frozen shoulder (applied to the capsule of the joint) has started in Birmingham, UK and Lincolnshire, UK. more information on the trial page.
  • 15-05-2022 The Mail On Sunday published an article on the recent results of the RIDD trial
  • Dr Shaffer’s recent webinar on radiotherapy for Dupuytren, Ledderhose and plantar fasciitis can now be found online. https://vimeo.com/708119991
  • The 2022 Dupuytren Award has been awarded. The winners are:  Ross Dobie and Beth Henderson for their paper Ross Dobie et al. “Deciphering Mesenchymal Drivers of Human Dupuytren’s Disease at Single-Cell Level” J Invest Dermat 142 (2022) 114-123. Epub 2021 Jul 16. full_paperThe award is shared withYoshifumi Itoh for his paper Yoshifumi Itoh et al. “A common SNP risk variant MT1-MMP causative for Dupuytren’s disease has a specific defect in collagenolytic activity” Matrix Biology 97 (2021) 20-39 full paper
  • We have major news! The results of the RIDD trial have been published, and the trial was succesful. The nodules that were injected got softer, and progression stopped. This is major, it means a better understanding of the disease and maybe this injection (adalimumab) can become a treatment for early Dupuytren’s in the (near?) future.

    To see the results:

    A short video to explain the trial: https://youtu.be/jyoUkLiUg4Q

    The press release is here: https://www.ndorms.ox.ac.uk/news/breakthrough-in-treatment-for-dupuytren2019s-disease

    The RIDD page with updated links and information:

    And the complete article (open access) can be found here: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanrhe/article/PIIS2665-9913(22)00093-5/fulltext

  • Research is ongoing, and we regularly get a request for our members to comment or give their opinion on problems they may face in life or what direction they think research should go in. We are always happy to help researchers, and judging from the amount of members who reply  Dupuytren patients are a helpful bunch who really want better treatments for preventing contracture!
  • The LedRad study in the Netherlands has finished and the first publication is out, showing clearly that radiotherapy is a good treatment for Ledderhose that helps the vast majority of patients.

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